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Who you are hiring in your front office is very important, and when it comes to security, it is vital that you put in place appropriate security mechanisms to ensure the safety of your business premises as well as of the staff and visitors. Here at Unit Security, we take the responsibility of your comfort at your workplace so for that we provide you every manned service.

The professional security guards at the office have the ability to handle a number of situations, whether you have unruly, violent intruders who are trying to force their way through your access points or a lost, confused guest who needs help. Not just will we ensure that your material assets are included in our security measures at our office, but we will perhaps also preserve the comfort feeling your employees need in their workplaces every day.

Manned guarding services

  • On-site surveillance of CCTV for a quick reaction to intruders
  • Tracking your access points
  • Diffusing threats
  • Ability to integrate tailored services into your contract
  • Providing a welcoming atmosphere for visitors
  • Ensuring a safe workplace for your employees
  • Alternative custom-made clothing for professional guard image
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