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Drive business decisions which are optimal. Save energy, improve productivity and raise income. The Back Office feature in Vigilink brings insight to your activities and administrative functions. Simply put, the Back Office Management Suite on Vigilink is a more productive way to run your business. The ground breaking package helps service companies to streamline administrative tasks, plan efficiently, reduce time from operations to service invoicing and calculate the efficiency of security business.

Contracting and Invoicing

Delivering quality service is essential to any service company, as well as reducing costly mistakes and increasing customer trust. Part of that equation is to have a solid working base. The Contracting & Invoicing module of Vigilink is that cornerstone since it sets the ground rules for a healthy business partnership.

The business intelligence tools are fed by the Office Management Suite. As the company owner or manager, it helps you to determine whether or not the accounts are delivering the return on investment they should be. When it matters most, take action based on the data. Vigilink is specifically designed for the managed facilities industry. The management team will be able to quickly familiarize themselves with different workflows and automate contract and invoicing functions. As a result, the time, money, and resources needed to manage customer relations are that.

We offer

  • Provide customers with a detailed account of your servicess
  • Set payment terms for each client
  • Forecast revenue based on billing period analysis
  • Send invoices from the website to the customer portal / email
  • Configure the invoices and configure billing products
  • Full visibility of contract details
  • Check customer accounts like unpaid invoices and credit memos

Security Guard Scheduling Software

Scheduling and attendance are at the core of any operation; automating the scheduling process for your employees will have the greatest impact on your end result. You spend less time dealing with efficient timekeeping, and more time thinking on how to improve your margins. Vigilink's versatile and precise scheduling of security guards will allow your operations staff to easily make adjustments, handle book-offs, and monitor what, how, and when officers are informed of their schedule. Managing overtime efficiently will make the difference between a productive and unprofitable month. Achieve peace of mind and fulfill customer expectations. The attendance module indicates that, by real-time alerts, an assigned person is on time or late for a move. You can see who's actually checking in and which shifts are available with the Attendance Watch perspective. Quick shift scheduling also enables the operations team to react quickly to any schedule given.

We offer

  • Full HR profile view
  • Change publishing and recognition choices Guard availability indicators
  • Customizable templates for automating regular changes
  • Hard and soft site or guarding criteria
  • Unified regulations, matching processes and audit capabilities

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence applications from Vigilink include actionable insight to maximize financial visibility and influence over security operations. Planning, planning and predicting future financial patterns. Generate multiple types of reports to ensure the information is presented for review in an optimum manner. The data can then be used to analyze business performance, classify locations with excessive overtime allowing for better budget decisions. Take your company to new heights with open performance metrics. Vigilink's Office Management Solution includes views of business intelligence to provide real-time visibility into your profit and loss as well as tailored analytics.

We offer

  • Contractual data collected and stored automatically
  • Automated data collection with adjustable layout
  • Generate trend reports with multiple viewpoints
  • Visually displayed: pie charts, line charts, bar charts and area charts.

Payroll & Accounting Integrations

Spending time on inefficient systems isn't a sensible investment. It will provide flexibility and promote productivity by investing in properly structuring the payroll and accounting functions. With these goals in mind, Vigilink will seamlessly integrate with your existing payroll provider and accounting software to make the payroll process easier. One of the aims of payroll and accounting integration is to get a handle on account-by-account results. Attain this goal by linking each transaction in the program automatically to a job number and location for the service. To track gross margin by account, budget labor, supplies, and other direct costs down to job level. The business data is integrated under one unified system for both operations and organizational management data. Minimize the need for multiple reconciliation steps and benefit from reliable and efficient data.

We offer

  • Easily match payroll and accounting data Enter data only once to minimize mistakes
  • Report working hours, paid time off and overtime hours
  • meet customer-specific billing criteria
  • Build multiple payroll periods with different requirements
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Opertional Suite Control Room Services

Live Dashboard

Learning what's happening at the places that you're in charge of is vital to fulfill your obligations. The Live Dashboard from Vigilink provides instant access to tracking the vitalities of your operations. The Live Dashboard offers a consolidated view of your process, showing all activity logs such as audits, inspections, check-ins for staff and reported actions as they occur.

We offer

  • Centralized view of your field operations with attendance data
  • Live reports showing inactive users, exceptions, etc.
  • Real-time activity feed for viewing checkpoint scans, check-ins / outs, reports
  • Live interactive map with GPS tracking and geo-fencing data
  • Direct message contact stream
  • Easy-to-use dashboard with fast access to daily tasks, reporting and activities
  • Access from any web-enabled device

Gatekeeper system

Provide all the knowledge your customers need to reduce risk and the resources to ensure delivery of mission critical elements in any strategy. Increasing transparency of security guards; enhancing procedures and policies thereby increasing retention of clients. Gatekeeper System keeps you and your customers aware about the status of the events via e-mail, SMS or browser with flexible notification options. See whether protocols are being followed in real time, and take immediate corrective action. Guards and patrollers become more self-sufficient, thus significantly increasing their sense of ownership.

We offer

  • Android, iOs, mobile and tablet compatible Site dedicated emergency contacts
  • Real-time escalation order recognition
  • Aid barcodes, QR codes, NFC and GPS checkpoints
  • Generate detailed and accurate patrol data
  • Real-time GPS tracking throughout the change
  • Automated guard tour overview with GPS tracking
  • Real-time late, incomplete or completed shift notifications

Incident reporting

Ensure that workforce capture all relevant site information with our easy-to-use report builder. Quickly create report templates using an intuitive interface that illustrates exactly what the device will show in the field. With multiple data field entries available reports are adapted to customer needs. Vigilink’s Incident Reporting is built to facilitate any specific reporting needs, as well as drive analytics for all clients.

We offer

  • Easy to use report author interface
  • Detailed reporting of incidents by site-specific locations
  • Ensure that vital information is monitored with required fields
  • Reporting based on incident type and incident level
  • Full reports using any connected device
  • Customizable report types with interactive fields
  • Images, drop down menus and more

Trends and Analytics

An integral part of the Operations Suite, Vigilink's Trends & Analytics functionality offers actionable insight by using data to improve operational efficiency and optimize management. The Incident Trends & Analytics tool provided by Vigilink adds value to the services you offer. Present data-driven reports which are rich and competent. Place yourself as a key contributor to the reporting requirements for your company. Maximize the return on your client's spending budget by recommending the optimum use of strategies to reduce the overall level of risk at their location.

We offer

  • Reporting data easily captured in custom reports
  • Single or multi-location customer event reporting
  • Interactive maps leading to comprehensive information
  • Customized reports directly accessible from the app
  • Full reports using any connected device
  • Data visually displayed: graphs, line charts, bar charts, and area chartss

Client Portal

To be productive customers need access to their data 24 hours a day; with Vigilink's adjustable platform, customers have real-time access to their data whenever they need to. Customers no longer have to worry about lengthy wait times by using an easy-to-navigate web portal that is available on any Internet-connected device. The flexible nature of our powerful interface really allows versatility and precision, ensuring that your customer can identify specific things and adapt accordingly without needing your assistance, saving you both time. You have the flexibility to give the customers access to whatever they want to see.

We offer

  • Customized incident review reports
  • Customer-secure access to website information
  • Full report history only a few clicks away
  • Instant access to documentation
  • Real-time view of their website activities

WFM Tools & Lone Worker Safety

Maximizing the value of your mobile with Vigilink's Guarding Toolbox increases the flexibility and reach of your officers, resulting in the provision of high-quality and efficient services. Vigilink's Lone Worker Safety Solution helps you to ensure that labor and safety regulations are complied with without any additional devices. Reduce risk, secure the officers and simplify security protocols. Create specific schedules for various posts allowing you to handle exceptional tickets for missed check-ins and ensure effective call-in and check-in processes.

We offer

  • Compliance with compulsory Lone Worker Safety Checks
  • Access to up-to-date system guidelines
  • Best practices for all customer and service communications in real time
  • Direct access to emergency contacts in case of an accident
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