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Where guards can't reach Drone Security


If you want several cameras on one drone, you need to make sure it's able to carry the weight while maintaining its stability when flying. In fact, if the drone is needed to travel long distances, you will need bigger batteries that will also influence the drone's weight and stability For eg, a drone with eight arms / rotors (Octocopter) has a greater payload capacity than a comparable 4-arms / rotors (Quadcopter drone) . It is necessary therefore to explain your needs before investing in a drone.

Unit Security provides software which is hardware-agnostic, modular and easy to implement for always-on protection and surveillance. Through nature, autonomy and automation must be at the heart of drone operations in order to really catch the UAV fleet's' faster, easier, cheaper' pledge for property monitoring. Our intelligent software, coupled with reliable, off - the-shelf drones and cost-effective drone-in - a-box hardware, can immediately bring business benefits from cost savings, improved safety, better coverage and faster response to incidents.

Manned guarding services

  • Ensure modern aircraft and devices
  • Autonomous drone fleet
  • Automated security & surveillance system
  • Night flying inspection
  • Faster response to incidents
Photo Processing
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