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For secured manufacturing plant Factory Security


Operating a stable industrial plant or manufacturing plant and maintaining the workers healthy can be a struggle with continually tightening budgets, a stringent regulatory environment and ongoing growing areas of responsibility.

At Unit Security, we recognize the industry's security challenges and offer customized industrial security guard services based on the needs of your company and specific goals.

Besides the security guards our CCTV monitoring and mobile patrols would insure that there is no area left unnoticed in your plant premise. Our professional factory security guards are attentive and will insure that heavy equipment and precious products are always safe and secure.

Manned guarding services

  • Identification and guest quest
  • Installation and management of CCTV
  • On-site health and safety promotion
  • Control of access points
  • Keeping Log books
  • Alarmed response
  • Mobile patrols
  • Protective fencing enforced
Photo Processing
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