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Concierge security

Here at Unit Security we’re not just about meeting your traditional security demands, which is why we offer a concierge security solution unique to your front of house needs. From restaurants to hotels, we want to ensure that you get the most out of the service you’re paying for.  We understand that we are representing not only our company but your establishment too, which is why we combine our unrivalled guarding capabilities with an unrivalled level of customer service.

⦁ CCTV Monitoring

⦁ Telephony duties

⦁ Monitoring access to your premise

⦁ Offering assistance and assurance to visitors

⦁ Diffusing any unwanted situations

⦁ Meeting and greeting your clients with a professional image

⦁ Alternative formal guard clothing on request

These days it’s all about cutting costs so why would you hire security guards and separate concierge personnel when here at Unit Security we integrate these services into one professional, efficient and approachable employee? With a high customer focus behind our concierge service, all of our guards have the communication and advisory skills which go hand in hand with their security training and qualifications.

We understand that your establishment can’t be without a specific level of protection but equally it can’t be without that customer service element, which is why by investing in Unit Security you’re investing in one service which conveniently combines both. Only our concierge security guards offer that approachable face to welcome all of your guests, whilst also having the skillset to subtly diffuse any undesirable situations which may threaten the comfortable and respectable environment of your establishment.

If you want to hire concierge security get in touch with Unit Security today and start enjoying front of house supervision with a difference.


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